Nature Heart Studio - Commission Terms & Policies

Please review this page before sending a request for a commission. By ordering a commissioned model horse from me (Karen J. Lloyd of Nature Heart Studio), you agree to the following terms and conditions. This is a binding contract for both parties. Please read below for helpful information on my terms, policies, and type of finishwork.

Finishwork Basics:

To best capture the spirit of the horse with realism, I paint using mixed media of the finest artist grade quality: Schmincke soft pastels, Golden acrylics, Prismacolor pencils and sometimes Pearl-Ex pigments. My horses are known for their “softness”, smooth non-grainy finish, and high level of detail such as eyes which convey a sweet personality. Each horse is protected with many layers of sealer throughout the painting process. Currently I prefer and use Testors Dullcote sealer to ensure long lasting beauty and durability. Please note that all of my horses are works of art created for collectors, showers and equine enthusiasts; they are NOT intended for misuse by children as toys. Excessively rough handling could result in significant damage.


Please note that currently I am only accepting commissions on the following sizes:


  • Breyer / Stone – SM / LB / Classic size
  • Resin Medallions
  • Resins – SM / Mini / Curio / Classic size
  • Traditional size foals will be considered on a case by case basis, but *no adult size Traditionals at this time*
    (Due to my health condition, I prefer working with smaller / lighter molds.)

Preference will be given to requests for painting smaller scales.

Prepping / Customization:

I will only accept clean cast resins. Absolutely no raw cast, second or broken resins. If you ship me a resin in poor condition requiring extensive prepping, I reserve the right to refuse your horse. I strongly dislike prepping and would much rather devote my limited art time to painting, thus already prepped models are definitely fine as long as done properly. Please let your prepper know I strongly prefer painting over Tamiya or Vallejo white spray primers. My third choice is Painter’s Touch white primer.

I highly recommend Charlotte Donahue for prepping services, including on Eberls.

If you want me to prep your model(s), there is an extra *hourly* charge above and beyond the finishwork quote of $10 per hour (and I warn you, I am probably not the fastest prepper out there nor do I like the work!). I will not prep raw cast, second or broken resins. I will not prep Eberls. However I will gladly apply primer after initial body work is completed for a primer fee of $5.


Please note that currently I am only accepting commissions for the final paintwork, NOT remakes or body customizations. If you are looking to have your model’s mane/tail, ears, nostrils, legs repositioned etc please find another artist to do that work first. I will gladly paint on customized models once remake work is completed. Simple additions such as chestnuts I will add to models that need them for no extra charge.

On the Subject of LSQ:

What constitutes "live show quality" varies from person to person. My models have proven themselves time and time again in the live show ring, including the very competitive Region X championship show (TRXC) and the North American Nationals (NAN), winning numerous Champs, Reserve Champs and Top Tens since my open showing debut in 2011. Please visit In the Winner's Circle to read more on my models' accomplishments.


Reference Photos:

It is helpful to me if you supply reference photos or links to photos of what you're looking for, especially if you have something specific in mind. The more photos, the better. If you send me digital photos, please also snail mail me hard copies. The reason for this is that colors can vary between different monitors and printers. These photos will help me create your idea as best as possible and will help me determine an exact quote for your custom. Alternatively, I can research possibilities for you or paint a horse as “Artist Choice.”




Many artists refuse to do portraits of any sort, due to the tendency for customers’ expectations to be too high for exactness. Although I will not outright refuse portraits, please note that you accept with the understanding that the model will be a “likeness” – not an “exact replica” of your horse. It is your duty to supply me with *hard copy* high quality reference photos that capture the essence of your horse, such as close up of any distinguishing markings.


Due to the increased amount of time involved to complete a portrait commission as well as the high amount of stress / pressure, there will be a “portrait fee” added on top of the base price. This fee will vary depending on the size scale of the model as well as the level of detail. For example, a tobiano pinto will have a higher fee than a basic bay.


Please keep in mind that for very complicated patterns such as a leopard appaloosa, the finishwork will reflect the “flavor” of the portrait horse. I may be talented but there is no way I will be able to reproduce every spot exactly!


Although every attempt will be made to complete the model to your satisfaction, the artist reserves the final right to say when the model is finished. If the customer decides they do not like the finishwork for any reason, the artist reserves the right to sell the piece to the public (paying for the body if applicable) or keep in her personal collection. No refunds or exchanges.


2014 / 2015 Commission Pricing: 

*All commissions will be accepted by private treaty.* Please contact for a quote and include the following information: name of resin / body, scale, color, pattern / any white markings desired. Please state whether the model is already prepped – if not, include details on what needs work.


For basic price reference only, please note that SMs (Breyer Stablemates and resins of the same scale) start around $170 (not including body), with additional fees depending on what the project entails, such as more complex patterns (dapple grey, pinto, roan, appaloosa, etc), larger sizes (LB size minis, classics, etc) and “portraits.” Prepping, if applicable, is additional.

Prices reflect the tremendous amount of time and detail put into each model regardless of size.


Payment Details:

I accept Paypal at Personal checks accepted with prior approval.

I do not require a deposit to hold your spot, however I will not begin painting without one. Unless other arrangements have been made, I require 50% of the total in order for painting to commence. This payment is non-refundable. Final payment is required before I will ship your model(s). The model must be paid for in full within 2 weeks of completion. If customer fails to pay within one month of completion, artist reserves the right to sell the model to the public or keep in personal collection, without refund.

Time Payments:

I am fine with working out a reasonable time payment plan for orders above $150. Please notify me when first requesting your commission so that we can figure out a payment plan that works for both of us. Do not wait to ask for one after your model is completed! I am understanding but it is important to remember that since I am currently out of work due to my health, any payments are truly needed to help pay my bills.

Completion Time Frames:

Completion times cannot be guaranteed and vary depending on color, pattern and size scale.  From the first layer of pastels to the finishing details of eyes and hooves, most SM / mini size orders will take me approximately 4 – 8 weeks to complete. Larger sizes such as curio and classic will take 2 months or more on average.

Please allow a minimum of 3 months for completion of your commission order after the time your piece arrives to my studio. More complex orders may take much longer. Before ordering, feel free to contact me to inquire on a guesstimate for completion as depending on what other projects I have lined up, it may be a shorter or a much longer wait time. I typically do not paint or have limited painting times during the winter months of November – February.

As the Artist, I reserve the right to work on a model for 12 months, starting with the day it arrives at my studio. This is in great part due to my health condition. Having chronic Lyme disease adds a complicated, unpredictable element into my life. I am currently in treatment and often experience extreme illness which limits the amount of time I can work on my art.

Please keep in mind that acceptance of your commission request guarantees your horse a painting slot, but does not necessarily determine the exact order of completion. Often I will work on 2 - 4 horses at once - these can be a combination of commissions, sales pieces and horses for my personal collection. As one horse is drying I may work on another and alternate back and forth. This also allows me to work on pieces as I feel inspired, which benefits the overall quality of your commission.

Customer Rights:

You as the customer have the right to be kept updated with progress of model(s) and are welcome to email me at any time. Please be considerate and limit the frequency of email as I have difficulty keeping up due to my chronic illness. You will be kept informed of your custom's status at all stages (prepping if applicable, first pastels, basic color completed, pattern if applicable, details – eyes/hooves). I will email you progress photos to review before model is shipped to you.

As the artist I reserve the right to publicly post photos of my work once the custom is completed. With your permission, I may also publicly post photos online (ie Model Horse Blab, Facebook, etc) during the painting process. This can be beneficial for feedback that will ultimately improve your piece. You may use my photos to share the piece you commissioned or for selling it in the future, but not for photo showing. Please give photo credit to Karen J. Lloyd and/or Nature Heart Studio whenever used. If my photos have a watermark/copyright please do not remove it.

Artist Requests:

Each horse I paint is unique and I ask that no one else alters my work (including changing white markings) or remove my signature. Please contact me if you need a touch-up or alteration. If damage occurs to the model that I feel is beyond my scope as an artist, I will most likely give you approval to find another artist for repairs. Since I tend to get really attached to the horses I create, I strongly prefer they are not stripped and repainted by a different artist. If you are determined to do so, please contact me as most likely I will want to buy it back from you (at the price you paid).

Legal Disclaimer:

While every effort will be taken to ensure your model’s safety while in my care, I cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of any resin/model in my care due to fire, theft, natural disaster (blizzard, earthquake, flood, hurricane, wind....) or act of God.

If after reading these Commission Terms & Policies, you agree to abide to this contract, you may express your interest in having a special horse created for you by filling out the online request a commisson form.

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