Mystic Meadows Stables - Karen's OF Collection


Below is my list of original finish model horses, mostly Breyers. I began collecting Breyer horses in 1992 when I received Misty and Stormy as birthday gifts from my parents. Although I still lightly collect and show OF models, my primary hobby focus has switched to painting and competing with my personal collection of artist resin and custom models.

  1. "Misty Mornings" (Misty)
  2. "MMS Stormy Skies" (Stormy)
  3. "Misty's Wild Imagination" (Misty's Twilight)
  4. "MMS Misty's Legacy" (Misty II)
  5. "Phantom Mist" (Black Mist)
  6. "Chincoteague Whirlwind" (Twister)
  7. "Rochester" (Man o' War)
  8. "Mystic" ('95 Ideal AQHA horse)
  9. "Royal Princess" ('97 Ideal AQHA horse)
  10. "Strawberry Daiquiri" ('98 Ideal AQHA horse)
  11. "MMS King of Hearts" (King of Hearts)
  12. "MMS High Spirits" (Snowbound)
  13. "Midsummer's Night" (Iron Metal Chief-'97 Limited Edition)
  14. "Ice Storm" (Freedom-'97 Commemorative)
  15. "Luck of da Irish" (Erin Go Bragh-'98 Limited Edition)
  16. "Rising Pizazz" (Blackberry Frost-'98 Commemorative Edition)
  17. "Rush Hour" (Cigar)
  18. "December Blizzard" (Oxidol)
  19. "Festivals" (Donovan)
  20. "Rugged Frontier" (Rugged Lark)
  21. "MMS Midnight Solitude" (Docs Keepin' Time)
  22. "Mistique" (Niatross)
  23. "Plutonian Legacy" (Pluto)
  24. "High Noon" (Secretariat-SR 25th anniversary edition)
  25. "MMS October Fantasy" (Big Ben)
  26. "MMS Amber Glow" (Ashley) & "MMS Dreamin' Angel" (Amber)
  27. "Risky Dreamer" (Marabella)
  28. "Angelfire" (Peter Stone bright chestnut Morgan)
  29. "MMS Broadway Phantom" (Tri Mi Boots Scootin' Boogie)
  30. "Wood Nymph" (Woodgrain FAM)
  31. Glossy bay quarterhorse gelding- (Two Bits)
  32. "Pure Bliss"(Sir Wrangler)
  33. "Misty's Ocean Jewel" (SR Sirocco)
  34. "MMS Sandbar" (Pilgrim)
  35. "Hard Rock" (Rimrock)
  36. "Maple Sugar" (Clayton)
  37. "Miss Firefly" (Pine)
  38. "MMS Jewels" (SR Sapphire)
  39. "MMS Inspiration" (Borodino II)
  40. "Novelty Item" (SR Kaleidoscope)
  41. "Plutonian Pegasus" (Classic Lipizzan)
  42. "Royale Raindance" (Minyfford Megastar)
  43. "MMS Marco Polo" (chestnut dapple polo pony)
  44. "Phar Away Places" (Phar Lap)
  45. "Dreamin of a White Christmas" (Snowflake-'98 Christmas model)
  46. "Iced Cappuccino" (Cappuchino)
  47. "Twizzler Fizz" (Strawberry Fizz)
  48. "Honey Cascades" (TOF Aristocrat)
  49. "Moonstruck Traveller" (Traveller)
  50. "Cincinnati Native" (Cincinnati)
  51. "Sunkist Rose" (SM standing thoroughbred)
  52. "Silver Shores" (SM grey Native Diver)
  53. "MMS Sandy Shores" (SM Morgan mare)
  54. "High Tide" (SM Morgan stallion)
  55. "Fiesta" (SM pinto mare)
  56. "MMS Confetti Glitter" (SM pinto foal)
  57. "MMS Silver Trinket" (SM thoroughbred stallion)
  58. "MMS Party Favor" (SM Quarter Horse stallion)
  59. "Summer Daisy" (SM Morgan mare)
  60. "MMS Summer Daisy" (SM Morgan foal)
  61. "Mystic Peacock" (SR SM Morgan)
  62. "Medieval Knight" (SR SM Andalusian)
  63. "Alaskan Wilderness" (SR SM Thoroughbred)
  64. "Hollywood Glamour" (SR SM Standardbred)
  65. "Desert Mirage" (SR SM Paso Fino)
  66. "Tuxedo's Dance" (SR SM Warmblood)
  67. "Honeysuckle Fields" (SR SM pony)
  68. "Mystic Sundance" (SR SM Arabian)
  69. "Solar Eclipse" (SR SM Saddlebred)
  70. "Blue Moonshine" (SR SM Clydesdale)
  71. "Wild Paintbrush" (SR SM Appaloosa)
  72. "Livin' La Vida Loca" (Huckleberry Bey)
  73. "MMS Copper Penny" (Copper-'99 Limited Edition)
  74. "Misty's Nightfall" (classic size black stallion)
  75. "Flicka's Legacy" (QH yearling)
  76. "Charcoal Images" (glossy charcoal fighting stallion--vintage)
  77. "Bonnie" (Northumberland Flowergirl)
  78. "Gold Rush" (Paddock Pals palomino appy)
  79. "Snowstorm" (Paddock Pals grey dapple Morgan)
  80. "Mystic Treasure" (SR Stone Morgan "UVM Valcour")
  81. "Mystic Moonfire" (SR State Line Tack '99 model)
  82. "Indian Sundance" (SR Toys R Us "Sundance")
  83. "Desert Rose" and "Desert Fire"(SM Arabian mare/foal set)
  84. "Kentucky Dreams" (SM palomino Saddlebred)
  85. "Desire to Dance" (SM grey Andalusian)
  86. "Heaven's Kiss" (SM pinto Saddlebred)
  87. "Storm Fury" (SM grey Arabian)
  88. "Windswept Beauty" (SM bay thoroughbred)
  89. "Music of the Night" (SM black Clydesdale)
  90. "Cherry Fields" (SM roan pony)
  91. "Magician's Charm" (SM chestnut Morgan)
  92. "Prince Charming" (Mihunka)
  93. "Snickers" (Tobe)
  94. "MMS Fire Spirit" (1999 JAH SR- "Special Delivery")
  95. "Liberty Rose" (pinto NSH mare)
  96. "Kaleidocopic Whirlwind" (SM appy)
  97. "Amir's Glory" (SM Arabian)
  98. "Angel's Melody" (SM Paso Fino)
  99. "Holiday Romance" (classic bay Arabian mare)
  100. "Misty's Storm Cloud" (black pinto pony foal)
  101. "Spotted Chief" (1999 Commemorative Edition- Chief of Fourmile)
  102. "MMS Sleigh Ride??" (Jack Frost- LE 1999 Holiday Horse) * Needs a name!!!*
  103. "Double Chocolate" (Double Take-Morgan)
  104. "Fairy of the Woods" (woodgrain FAF)
  105. "Royale Dreams" (bay Morgan foal twin)
  106. "Mystic Lullaby" (chestnut Morgan foal twin)
  107. "Blackberry Fields" (black pinto SM pony)
  108. "Rochester's Man O' Red" (red chestnut SM Swaps)
  109. "Daisy Days" (dusty dun POA)
  110. "Mystical Beauty" (liver chestnut Morgan mare)
  111. "MMS Carpe Nocterm" (black Sherman Morgan)
  112. "Goldilocks" (1960's glossy palomino FAM)
  113. "Zophia's Song" (grey mare from 2000 TB mare & foal set)
  114. "Easter Lily" (bay foal from 2000 TB mare & foal set)
  115. "MMS Nighthawk" (black Stretch Morgan)
  116. "Evan's Fantastick Triumph" (Pippin- 2000 Collector's Edition)
  117. "Horace's Carpe Diem" (Carpe Diem- Millenium Horse)
  118. "Pomp and Circumstance" (2000 SM pinto Morgan stallion)
  119. "Dazzled Dreamer" (2000 SM pinto Morgan foal)
  120. "Spirited Strawberries?" (2000 SM pinto Warmblood stallion)*Needs a Name!!!*
  121. "Whispers In The Wind" (2000 SM bay Warmblood foal)
  122. "Pure Euphoria" (JAH Anniversary Horse)
  123. "Sterling Silver" (2000 Silver Wolfe- Fjord)
  124. "Splash of Color" (2000 JAH SR Confetti)
  125. "Lost Paradise" (2000 Fall Show Special Sari)
  126. "High Sultan" (LB buckskin Morgan stallion)
  127. "Dazzenly Smiffty" (LB pinto Half Arabian stallion)
  128. "Gold Coast of Mystic" (SR Gold Coast)
  129. "New Horizons" (Rough Coat Stock Foal appy)
  130. "Prince of Rochester" (My Prince)
  131. "Eighteen Wishes" (SM liver chestnut Morgan stallion)
  132. "Pearls of Olympus" (TRU Pegasus)
  133. "Cherry Jubilee" (TRU Riley)
  134. "Festive Holiday" (Holiday Hunt- '00 Holiday Horse)
  135. "Dream of Australia" (Kiwi)
  136. "Golden Innocence" (State Line Tack model- Kokopelli's Gold)
  137. "Haunted Spirits" (Skullduggery - Breyer's 1st Halloween model)
  138. "Divine Inspiration" (SM grey Saddlebred mare)
  139. "Night Shadow" (SM black Saddlebred filly)
  140. "Graceful Moment" (SM bay Saddlebred mare)
  141. "Fire Cloud" (SM chestnut tobiano TB mare)
  142. "Caramel Isle" (SM palomino QH)
  143. "Dobry Serce" (chestnut Morgan)
  144. "Memories Are Designed To Fade" (Montana Harvest)
  145. "Stardust" (pearly blue unicorn stallion)
  146. "Gwendolyn" (Alida - Marabella unicorn mare)
  147. "Gwynne" (Elidor - Ashley unicorn foal)
  148. Wal-Mart Classic Spirit & Family Set
  149. Rain - Trad. Size
  150. Spirit - Trad. Size
  151. "Rochester's Admiral" (War Admiral)
  152. "Firebug" (2002 Holiday Peppermint red dun foal)
  153. "Snow Shadow" (2002 Holiday Sugarplum cremello foal)
  154. "MMS Golden Sands of Time" (palomino Ashley foal)
  155. "MMS Ascending Sunbeam" (palomino Amber foal)
  156. "Sea Bullet" (Seabiscuit)
  157. unnammed (Seabiscuit SM set)
  158. My Friend Flicka Marabella
  159. Merry Widow - Halloween
  160. "Solanet's Vision" (Paloma - 2004 BreyerFest Special)
  161. "Flutterby Fantasy" (Frolic the Springtime Foal)
  162. Twin Palomino Foals (Ashley)
  163. Twin Palomino Foals (Amber)
  164. "MMS Woodbury" (vintage woodgrain Five Gaiter)
  165. "Canterbury Charmed" (Flash)
  166. "MMS Excalibur" (Tregoyd Journeyman)
  167. Marigold, classic Morgan mare, 2007 Breyer Fun Days - Spring
  168. Mandrake, classic Morgan stallion, 2007 Breyer Fun Days - Fall
  169. "Me Gusta Baliar" (Breyerfest 2008 - Alborozo)
  170. "Dream O' Dublin" (Breyerfest 2008 - Limerick)
  171. "TooCloseForComfort" (Breyerfest 2008 - Saltire)
  172. "July's Sunfire" (Breyerfest 2008 - Melbourne)
  173. "Woodn'tULikeMe" (vintage woodgrain Fighting Stallion)
  174. "Kentucky Gold" (vintage glossy palomino Fighting Stallion)
  175. "Chretien De Troyes" (Caliente)
  176. "MMS Chaucer" (Goffert)
  177. Breast Cancer Awareness Andalusian
  178. buckskin Flash - Saddle Club Starlight
  179. Ethereal - Earth
  180. Ethereal - Air
  181. "River Dapples" (Ethereal - Water)
  182. "Fire Storm" (Ethereal - Fire)
  183. "Electric Blue" Double Trouble
  184. "Connect the Spots" Kandinsky
  185. "Pretty Premonition" Golden Boy
  186. "Bendithio" (JCP Unicorn on Andy mold)
  187. Renaissance set (Marabella)
  188. "Make Mine Chocolate" Peter Stone bushy pony with LE dark bay & LE bunny decorator pattern
  189. "Hyzenthlay" Peter Stone weanling with LE purple & LE bunny decorator pattern
  190. "Literary Hero" (LE Joey - trad Man O' War mold)
  191. "Eye Of The Tiger" (Lionheart Limited Edition)
  192. "Dressed for Success"? (2004 JCPenney Black Tie Affaire Amber)
  193. Weathergirl - Sunny
  194. Twin Appaloosa Filly (Ashley)
  195. Twin Appaloosa Filly (Amber)
  196. "Phantom Of The Opera" (Totilas)
  197. "American Dream" (Wapiti)
  198. chestnut Flash Morgan?
  199. "Sunburst Street" (SR Apollo)
  200. "Celestine Prophecy" (Bohemian Rhapsody - Peter Stone Santa Fe Morgan)
  201. "MMS Huntington" (Peter Stone DAH Santa Fe Morgan)


1. Hagen-Renaker (for Breyer) Misty of Chincoteague w/ stool
2. "War Memorial" (Starlite Man O' War)
3. "Peer Pressure" (bay tobiano Houdini)
4. "MMS Vacation" (Hagen-Renaker bay Morgan)
5. "MMS Alvar" Breyer Gilen (Connoisseur model)
6. "Blodeuyn" (Hagen-Renaker pegasus foal with blue flowers)
7. Hagen-Renaker Appaloosa mare and foal (x2)
8. "Honeybee" (Hagen-Renaker Shetland mare)
9. "Raffle Prize" (Breyer English Shire)
10. "Bonaventure" (Breyer Portuguese Lusitano)
11. "Contraband" (Breyer American Quarter Horse Foal)
12. "Grey Skies" (Hagen-Renaker)
13. "See the Biscuit" (Hagen-Renaker)
14. "Clover" (Hagen-Renaker)
15. "Windswept" (Hagen-Renaker)
16. "Storm" (Hagen-Renaker)
17. "Favory Fantasia" (Hagen-Renaker Lipizzan)

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