Mystic Meadows Stables - AR MMS Spotlight Destined

Show Name: "MMS Spotlight Destined"
Barn Name:
Make/Mold: Mindy Berg's resin Poet
Mediums: Pastels, Acrylics and Color Pencils
Breed: Appaloosa
Gender: Colt
Color: Baby Bay Appaloosa

Markings: Stripe, 2 socks, 2 stockings

  • He has earned 6 NAN cards to date.

The Region X Championships (TRXC 2012):

AO Division (11 entries):
1st Workmanship
1st Breed (Light/Gaited/Spanish Type)

Top 5 Workmanship

Open AR Division (11 entries):
5th Workmanship
6th Breed (Stock Foals)

Southern New England Winter Round-Up (March 2013):

Open AR Division:

4th Workmanship
1st Breed (Stock Foals)

NEMHC Live (April 2013):

Open AR Division:

1st Workmanship
3rd Breed (Stock Breed Foals)

Albany Halter Classic (April 2013):

Open CM/AR Division:

2nd Workmanship
1st Breed (Stock Foals)
Top Ten Workmanship

Baystate Models Live (September 2013):

Open AR Division:
2nd Workmanship
1st Breed (Stock Foals)

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